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Ponyhead to OCTGN Converter V1.7

Copy your Ponyhead link and paste it in the textbox below and click Convert

Note: Please do not use short links from Ponyhead in the converter (since it would not understand them) and use the normal links.

What's new in V1.7?
-Added support for Leaders and Legends cards.

What's new in V1.6?
-Added support for Sands of Time cards.

What's new in V1.5?
-Added support for Friends Forever cards.

What's new in V1.4?
-Added support for Seaquestria and Beyond cards.

What's new in V1.3?
-Added support for Defenders of Equestria cards.

What's new in V1.2?
-Added support for Marks in Time cards.
-Added support for Not Ponyhead ( which has all Marks in Time cards. You guys can use this for now until Ponyhead has all Marks in Time cards.

What's new in V1.1?
-Fixed an issue where Firefox would only save the deck file as a XML file.

What's new in V1?
-Initial Launch, supports Premiere, Canterlot Nights, Rock and Rave, Celestial Solstice, Crystal Games, Absolute Discord, Equestrian Odysseys and High Magic cards. (And also PR to CG Promos!)

If any of the cards are incorrect or not working, please contact me at